C# Little Wonders: An Introduction

csharplogoI’ve mentioned C# Little Wonders to engineers on various teams in recent years and several had expressed interest in the URL (when I successfully remembered/found it). I thought I would share it here and save some time.

James Micheal Hare (the series author) has added multiple posts to his blog over the past 3-4 years after switching from being a C++ engineer to C#. Given his background, Mr. Hare is very focused on efficiency. His concise approach and thoughts on why to use certain language features (or not) are very valuable.

If you are new to writing C# or have been doing so for many years, you’ll agree that it is a complex language. I have found and continue to find in C# Little Wonders much that I either didn’t know, had forgotten, or didn’t realize the value of.

C# Little Wonders

I hope you enjoy it as I do!